Back to the Future: On the Subject of College

On Thursday and Friday of this past week, I visited two colleges in Ohio that specialized in the fine arts. It was an interesting experience; we were mainly outside, donning masks, to prevent the spread of COVID.

While I wish that we could have completed a more inclusive tour of the campuses, I was grateful that I was given the opportunity to be there. In fact, I even came to a conclusion about my future course of studies: I would rather go to school for my passion and figure my life out as I go, as opposed to simply attending a university to get a predictable job which I may not even be happy at. Perhaps that will change, in the coming year, but I think that even if I graduated college with a double major in creative writing and English, I could live a decent, fulfilled life.

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My second option would be teaching, but I’m unsure if I want to return to high school. What kind of instructor would I be? I already care too much of what others think of me, and my anxiety can be a hindrance in some situations. Speaking in front of large groups results in sweaty palms and racing thoughts. More than that, though, would I regret not chasing after my writing dream?

In the end, I have faith that everything will work out like it’s supposed to. The clock is ticking for me to make a decision, and I trust that I’ll make the right one. It’s a classic dilemma, after all. Do I follow the dreams of my heart, or listen to the reasoning of my brain?

Are you in the same boat as me? Comment your own experiences down below!

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