I Dreamed: Poem

Let it be known that I am not a poet, but when the words came to me during a writing workshop, I scribbled them down in free verse. It’s definitely not one of my better pieces, but I like the way it flows (and actually, it was based off a series of repeating dreams I had!) Hope that you enjoy it 🙂

Photo by Aline Nadai on Pexels.com

I dreamed that we were standing in the drizzling rain,

Under an ashen sky and a cherry red umbrella,

So close that our caramel skin brushed against one another

In the heat of the summer.

I dreamed that I was dancing in the pouring rain

And then I was shouting under the stony sky

And then I was screaming below the blood red umbrella

Just to pull your disinterested gaze

Back to me.

I dreamed that you were choking in the torrential rain,

And then you were shouting into the black abyss above

And then you were screaming, throat tattered

like the remnants of the umbrella,

Just to cloak yourself from

Your feelings. 

And so I dreamed that we were standing in the drizzling rain,

Under the sorrowful clouds, weeping at what could have been

Had we the courage to pursue the desires of our hearts

In the midst of the cruel winter.

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