The Reading Corner: Part 2

As the last days of summer approach rapidly, I’ve compiled another list of books for you to check out, before the stress of school intervenes. And, if you don’t find anything on this post that catches your attention, be sure to read my previous suggestion article! Whether you’re into time travel, heartbreaking romance, zombies, or even murder mysteries, there’s a novel for everyone.

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Opposite of Always by Justin A. Reynolds: I adored this book! It begins with a cute meeting at a party; Jack and Kate immediately hit it off, and soon enough, the two of them are spending most of their free time together. Then catastrophe strikes, and Kate dies, and Jack finds himself reliving that night they were first introduced — literally. Over and over again, he falls in love with her only to fail to save her, and in the end, he realizes that time travel– even if he doesn’t understand how it happened — is more difficult than he could have ever imagined. Will he give up the rest of his life in order to get her back? Or will he make another, heartbreaking choice?

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen: Another well crafted tale by Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility tells the story of two sisters who try to navigate the tricky world of romance together. Gossip, scandals, and heartbreak ensue throughout the book as Marianne and Elinor learn how far they’re willing to go to be happy, and what the true meaning of love actually is. I particularly enjoyed the character development of each sister; it was interesting to see how they each dealt with their situations differently.

All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis: In this society, all words have a price, but for one girl, the cost is too much. Torn from her parents, forced to witness the tragic death of her best friend, and barely surviving with her two siblings under the iron grip of their new guardian, Speth Jime decides enough is enough. On her Last Day of free speech, her fifteenth birthday, she resolves not to speak, triggering a series of events that will forever alter life in this new America™. After you’ve finished with this thrilling novel, read its sequel, Access Restricted, to continue to follow Speth’s adventures. 

Antisocial by Jillian Blake: When I first picked up this book, I must admit — I was enticed by its title. Telling the tale of Anna Soler and her fall from grace after breaking up with her perfect boyfriend, things take a turn for the worst when her life is not the only one being whispered about. Navigating rocky friendships with those she abandoned when she dated Palmer, Anna must also watch her step; someone is exposing dark secrets held within the student body, and these secrets are not pretty. 

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