Heart and Mind: A Poem

Update: I’ll only be posting once or twice a week now that school has started, but there’s a couple double features in the next couple days… Stay tuned for that!

Also: you know, never in a million years did I think I’d be writing this many poems during quarantine, but here we are. There’s just something about the midnight hour that inspires sorrow inside me, as I reflect on what I’m missing out during senior year and consider my lackluster romantic life. In any case, I’m glad that I ended up with this piece. It’s like my soul was screaming as I wrote it.

Inquires the capricious heart to the voice of reason:

I gaze at dazzling dreams dancing on clouds, promising possibility, 

Saturated with the hope of love and passion,

Humming to me, sweet as stardust,

But I am shackled to the dead, silent earth

Like a fallen angel forever separated from the light. 

Why must you torture me so?

Reminds the voice of reason to the capricious heart:

I see dreams tainted with poisonous failure,

Tear-sodden cheeks, devastated souls, and 

the howls of the lonely, dripping with sorrow;

You shall soar too high, catapulting into the wrong star,

Or miss the mark entirely, blazing like a meteor across the black abyss.

Better to be shackled than eaten by the darkness.

One thought on “Heart and Mind: A Poem

  1. Ah the perfect depiction of the war between heart and mind. Only when the two work in concert that there can be peace. Determine to bring about this very crucial ceasefire.


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