Thrilling Trilogies

You might have already read a few posts of mine that discuss a couple books from following trilogies, but seeing as I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading this past weekend, and I wanted to update you on my progress!

Maureen Johnson’s The Vanishing Stair and The Hand on the Wall, sequels to Truly Devious: If you enjoy a good mystery, this is the trilogy for you! Johnson spins a magnificent, plot driven, edge-of-your-seat read throughout the course of the three books. You’ll fall in love with Stevie Bell (and possible her suitor, though I didn’t exactly appreciate the random make out sessions between the two) and the skillful language the author utilizes to draw you into the story. By the time you finish the second book, you’ll be dying to finish the series out (so I suggest checking both books out at the same time at your local library, that way you can jump right into the next without waiting!)

Jenny Han’s It’s Not Summer Without You and We’ll Always Have Summer, sequels to The Summer I Turned Pretty: In the mood for a romantic getaway with minimal risk to your emotional well being? These are the perfect suggestions, and while I haven’t read the third book yet, I’ve heard good reviews from a friend of mine! Not only does Jenny Han construct vivid characters, each with their own fatal flaw, but she also creates a complicated love triangle that has her readers torn (which, I’m now thinking is kind of emotionally traumatic, despite what I claimed in the first sentence of this review…) Anyway, five stars from me!

Marissa Meyer’s Archenemies and Supernova, sequels to Renegades: As soon as these books came out, I rushed to the bookstore with my Barnes and Noble gift cards to buy them! Marissa does a wonderful job with character development and backstory, which is what enticed me in the first place. Paired with romance, conflict between good and evil, and the existence of superheros, this entire trilogy was breathtaking. After finishing the last book, I sat there, shocked; that cliffhanger was too brutal, which is why I wonder… Will she continue that story line? Guess only time will tell, but in the meantime, I’m excited for her newest release, Instant Karma, on November 3…

Got any other suggestions? Comment down below!

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