Just a To Do List

Raise your hand if you love making to-do lists for the day! I have a tiny little white board in my room where I write down all of my tasks, usually the night before, so I’m not wasting precious time. This is especially important to my daily routine because A) I forget about events all the time, like zoom meetings and virtual activities and B) it’s college app season, folks. Not only that, but I’ve also got to work on my upcoming book, finish my senior projects logs and checks, and write a few articles for different clubs. These longer term goals are displayed on an even bigger whiteboard, so as you can tell, I am a bit obsessed with writing things down.

I thought I’d share my current to do-list with you all, as it pertains to my publishing schedule! My debute novel, Starless Skies and Broken Dreams, is set to be launched sometime in the summer… more on those details in the spring!

  1. Finish revising by January! Luckily, I’ve got the winter break to tackle this enormous task. It has also helped that my Beta Readers from TYWI (The Young Writers Initiative) were super helpful and specific in the kinds of things I should add/cut.
  2. Editing: Throughout January and March, using TYWI’s editing services.
  3. After editing, I’ll need to format a professional E-Book! I’ll be doing this through Reedsy.
  4. Once the E-book is done, I can recruit a book launch team (stay tuned!) in April
  5. Virtual Blog Tour in May!
  6. Publication!

This is a rough draft of what I’ll be doing in the coming months, so the list is prone to change. But as of right now, I am excited that I can work on one thing at a time, instead of trying to manage it all at once! The power of to-do lists, my friends. Try it sometime!

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

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