Yesterday, chaos unfolded in America. Thousands of rioters took to the Capitol building, threatening law enforcement with their weapons and many even breaching security. They looted, shouted hateful words, and even replaced the American flag with a Trump flag, undermining our entire democratic system. People died in the horrifying event and all our president said about it was that he “loves them [the rioters] … understands them…” and thinks they’re “special.”

Remember when the BLM peaceful protests were going on? They were met with tear gas and rubber bullets just because they wanted to raise their voice against police brutality.

Yesterday, the police sure took their time addressing the situation. Pepper spray was used. No rubber bullets, and even the National Guard was delayed in the reaction time— almost as if someone didn’t want them there.

The white privilege is real.

Now, it’s time to hold those in power responsible, not only those who were involved in the homegrown terrorist attack, because these people were inspired by the words of our lame duck president and his blindingly loyal allies. There is a reason the rioters decided the best course of action was to storm the Capitol.

So. Don’t be silent. Don’t let yourself be silenced. You have a voice; use it for good, even if it means challenging your own beliefs, because this does affect your life. It affects your country and your democracy.

And pray.

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