Virtual Coffee Shop

The worst thing about the pandemic for us writers is the fact that we can no longer hang out in our favorite coffee establishments, libraries, and book stores. Which is a problem, because many of us are most productive in these places (at least, I know I definitely am). The solution?

Let’s create our own, vibey workspaces!

If you’re interested, keep reading 🙂

The Essentials:

-beverage (tea, coffee, orange juice, etc)

-a desk (even a portable one works well!)

-notebook or laptop, plus pencils

-headphones for music– for this, you can just look up “coffee shop music” on YouTube. It’s very relaxing.


-something quirky (for me, I’ll be wearing my “write now” beanie :))


-low lighting (waiting until it’s dusk and then having a lamp next to you as you write)

-lucky object (like dice)

-A “WRITER AT WORK” sign or locked door, so people know you’re busy!

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If you’re looking for a group to write with, please DM me on Instagram! (@kunkel.sophia) Tell me why you’re interested, what goals you have, and what your favorite books are 🙂

I will be hosting a virtual coffee shop twice a month on Mondays, starting in June, on Instagram Rooms (even if you don’t have Instagram, you can still join)! They will usually be in the evening, but we can take a poll on what times work best for everyone. The maximum is 50 people but I don’t think we’ll get to that point, haha!

Looking forward to meeting y’all!

(First session will be Monday, June 7 at 7pm EST)

2 thoughts on “Virtual Coffee Shop

  1. The Book of Three, The House of the Scorpion, Watership Down, The Giver, The Once and Future King, The Great Divorce (really anything by Clive Staples), to name a few good ones.


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