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Welcome to a new portion of the blog: bookstore and coffee shop reviews! Since these are essential to the lives of writers everywhere, I want to help spread the word about local stores and independently owned businesses, because people matter. I will also do a couple posts on libraries as well, often overlooked, even though they are wonderful and FREE.

Amazon and Barnes and Noble are quick and easy, but they miss the mark with human connection, and many of their decisions negatively impact the consumer, the reader, and the publishing industry as a whole (i.e., B&N’s new hardcover policy). No shame about purchasing from them, of course (it’s inevitable) — but if you can, if you’re able to, perhaps consider supporting smaller, local places. Even just talking about the bookstore with a friend can increase support.

I discovered Posman Books with a friend while walking around the Strip District in Pittsburgh. It was tucked into the terminal area as I passed by in the car. The shop is a chain, as mentioned in their “About” section on their website (https://www.posmanbooks.com/about) but the description also notes that they are “a family-owned business run by lifelong booklovers” and that each Indie bookstore was “designed with local communities in mind.”

In other words, Posman Books is not simply a corporate entity.

Bonus points to this Pittsburgh location for having an ice-cream shop inside, too. I walked in and gasped, because who would be expecting that? Cafés are the most popular additional for bookshops, and I loved the ice-cream parlor as a unique touch. Granted, it was thirty degrees and cloudy (as usual), so I didn’t buy a cone, but it will definitely be on my to-do list this summer.

The bookstore itself was lengthy; it seemed to go on forever! White and green hues created a comfortable, ambient atmosphere. Tables of books on display were easy to access, spaced out evenly. Plus, a great assortment of gifts for book lovers, aside from books, lined each shelf. I appreciated the sticker options by the register, and themed tote bags, and stationary sets. The kids’ section was cute as well, positioned across from YA, the latter of which was smaller than expected– although the selection was diverse. As far as prices go, books and items were reasonable. I ended up buying a novel called The Murder of Mr. Wickham to indulge my inner Austen obsession and was satisfied with its cost. Nothing beats that new book smell.

All in all, an unexpected yet successful visit! Below is the Pittsburgh address, paired with a few pictures of the store. If you’re ever in the area, I hope you will consider stepping into Posman Books!

Posman Books at The Terminal

Oddfellows Ice Cream Company

1637 Smallman Street

Pittsburgh PA 15222

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